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Granite upright cemetery memorials, sometimes called headstones, tombstones, or upright grave markers, are a specialty of Lowe Monument Company. We can custom design your granite memorial in one of several granite colors, add inscriptions, engraved photos, cameo photos or military medallions.  Your granite memorial can be any size and it can be made for an individual or companions.  Not all cemeteries allow upright granite memorials, so please consult your cemetery prior to ordering your headstone.  These granite cemetery memorials are an everlasting tribute to your loved one and we will try to make the selection as easy as possible. We specialize in design, manufacture and installation of granite monuments and granite memorials in the CSRA area.

Standard Upright Memorials, Beveled Memorials, Slanted Memorials Available

Granite Colors Include Black, Gray & Rose

Below you will find examples of headstone memorials, but your memorial can be custom made to your wishes.  Several styles of granite flower vases are available with any memorial. Please call us at  1-866-466-9790 for an appointment.

Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches

Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches Granite Memorials, Granite Monuments & Granite Benches


Granite  Memorial Benches & Cremation Benches

Granite  Memorial Benches & Cremation Benches  Granite  Memorial Benches & Cremation Benches

A Memorial Bench or Tribute Bench is a great tribute to a special person. Lowe Monument Company has several styles of memorial benches that will be well received in cemeteries, private gardens, public parks and spaces. Our memorial benches are crafted from the finest granite or marble which will remain a lasting tribute for years to come. The color will never fade, and the polished surfaces will will resist harsh weather or vandalism, requiring no maintenance. These benches can be engraved with names, dates, religious and organizational symbols. They can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

Lowe Monument Company has two standard memorial benches, a straight seat design and a curved seat design. Both memorial benches have polished seats and polished pedestal sides. The Straight Memorial Bench or Commemorative Bench is our most popular selection. Perfect in its simplicity, it looks good in any environment. The Curved Tribute Bench is a timeless selection, and has a classical look and feel, as it provides a calming place to sit in silent remembrance.

Up to 25 characters in standard English
Colors include Georgia gray, Black, Pink & Red Granite
Up to 2 standard emblems on the marker
Delivery in the 48 Continental United States
 Price does not include cemetery installation/placement fees

Granite Cremation Benches are now available in three beautiful colors, India Red, Jet Black & Gray. The bench which can accommodate up to four urns, can be inscribed with family name, epitaph, and a wide array of decorations. Call 540-843-2590 for Prices.

Top Polished
40 x 16 x 4   All

42 x 16 x 4   All Polished

13 x 4 x 13 Polished 4

Front Panel
23 x 1 1/4 x 13

Interior Dimensions
22 x 8 x 13

Granite Cremation Benches

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